Santa Teresa Sites

The point splits, beach breaks and perfect lefts and rights found here, all turn this tiny Central American country a number one surfer hot-spot nowadays. Along with beaches that are commonly very clear, pristine and rarely populated, Costa Rica has certainly become a favorite surfer hangout. Despite some of the surfer beaches maybe difficult to reach, because of bad road conditions, they are definitely worth the trip as the waves here are good all year long. Some splits like Pavones have the longest attractions on earth and is definitely worth the long journey to get there. Some cozy accommodations offer regularly instructed yoga lessons with local coaches, and two healthy, mostly all-vegetable meals on a daily basis. A simple, local fare lunch is offered also. Some are delivered to beautiful, nature excursions, conducted outdoors at the most spectacular, attracting, and relaxing setting, although some are organized free of charge on the fine sandy beaches.
Santa Teresa Maps – Internet radio based out of the beaches of St Teresa

Finding your way all over a new country may be difficult and also mind-boggling in some cases. Public transit is actually fine and you’ll get buses to simply about any part of the country! Shuttle services are readily available all over Costa Rica. They go to all of the most prominent vacation destination of the country. You’ll get the chance to view dolphins, whales, Manta Rays and also other marine wildlife. It’s the quickest and a lot of enjoyable way for you to travel this section of Costa Rica.

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