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Costa Rica Green Building – Solar Vistas – Eight Lots for Sale

Eco Village Santa Teresa

Solar Vistas is a small development in the Malpais/Santa Teresa area, consisting of five hectares (12 acres) of rolling hills, including 6 hilltops, bordered on two sides by a seasonal stream (it’s dry in the summer season). The development is subdivided into nine lots, seven of which are for sale. The ninth lot will be owned jointly by the eight buyers of the other lots, and will include a caretaker house, clubhouse, swimming pool, organic gardens and orchards, and a lake stocked with tasty tilapia fish.


Lot 1 Gran Pochote 10,296 m2 $75,000
Lot 2 Vista Bonita 5870 m2 $65,000
Lot 3 Vista al Mar 6879 m2 $95,000
Lot 4 La Cascada 6169 m2 $75,000
Lot 5 Lago Vista 5398 m2 SOLD
Lot 6 Vista Jungla 5025 m2 SOLD
Lot 7 Buen Colina 5021 m2 SOLD
Lot 8 Vista Montaña 5124 m2 SOLD

Video Clips of the Lots

Lot 1 – LowHi
Lot 2 – LowHi
Lot 3 – LowHi
Lot 5 – LowHi
Lot 6 – LowHi
Lot 7 – LowHi
Lot 8 – LowHi

Solar Vistas Green Development

Lot 1 – “El Gran Pochote” – The building site on this lot is a point with 270 degree views of the jungle, hills, and mountains, and overlooks the small seasonal quebrada (stream). It includes a second spot to build a guest house or carport, and a large flat area below for parking or additional gardening. This lot also overlooks the lake.


Costa Rica Eco House - Green Building - Malpais, Santa Teresa, Montezuma
Montezuma Green Building - Malpais Eco Houses - Costa Rica
Eco House Designs - Tropical Permaculture
Permaculture in the Tropics - Green Building Designs
Costa Rica Green Community Development
Stream/Quebrada bordering the Solar Vistas Eco Development
Monkey on Tree Branch - Santa Teresa Green Construction
Can you see the monkey on the tree limb?

Lot 2 – “Vista Montaña”– This is a hilltop lot that has beautiful drop-off views of the countryside in both directions. This lot borders the stream and is ideal for watching birds and other wildlife.

Eco Building - Sustainable Developments - Montezuma, Malpais, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Costa Rica Sustainable Community - Permaculture Building - Green Building

Lot 3 – “Vista al Mar”– The best lot, this hilltop has space for quite a large house and big gardens. The views are 360 degrees of rolling hills as far as the eye can see, all the way to the ocean. The first photo below shows the ocean view. Consider that this and other photos are taken from ground level, so that the views from inside the houses, especially on the second floor or rooftop gardens, will be much more spectacular still. This lot also borders the stream.

Malpais Houses for Sale - Costa Rica
Santa Teresa Green Villas - Eco Houses
Costa Rica Villas - pre-sale houses in Costa Rica

Lot 4 – “La Cascada”– One of the most beautiful parts of the farm, “La Cascada” is named for the small waterfall that you will be able to hear for over half the year when the stream is flowing. This land is borderd by beautiful primary forest with huge vine-covered trees, and also has gorgeous views of the nearby hills and down into the river canyon.

Santa Teresa Eco-village - Costa Rica
Malpais Land for Sale - Costa Rica
Costa Rica Farms for Sale - Organic Farming
Organic Farm - chemical free construction - Costa Rica

Lot 5 – “Lago Vista”– This small lot is in the center of the development and looks across the lake. Its best feature is two huge, ancient pochote trees, close proximity to the community pool, gardens, and orchards, and the ability to easily fish for your dinner in the tilapia pond.

Green Building Costa Rica - Eco Development Malpais

Lot 6 – “Vista Bonita”– One of the best lots – this hilltop has phenomenal panoramic views of the countryside, and distant views of the sea. The building area is in two parts, and is ideal for a stepped-design house. Views from a rooftop garden / yoga space will be exquisite.

Solar House Design
Solar House community in Costa Rica

Lot 7 – “Buen Collina”– This central lot has a large flat area, with nice views of the large trees on the river, and borders the community garden/lake area. it has a lot of flat area, so is ideal for someone who wants to have lush gardens and landscaping.

Costa Rica Solar Houses for Sale
Solar Houses for Sale in Costa Rica
Solar Powered Houses - Eco Developments

Lot 8 – “Vista Jungla”– See rolling hills extending into infinity, as well as distant ocean views from a second story house. This is one of the most interesting lots because it has a second building site lower down, as well as riverfront with large jungle trees.

Costa Rica Green Community Development
Malpais Surfer Community, Costa Rica
Malpais Living - Costa Rica

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