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Green Architecture – Five Basic House Designs

Solar Vistas is a small development, consisting of five hectares (12 acres) of rolling hills, including 6 hilltops, bordered on two sides by a seasonal stream (it’s dry in the dry season). The development is subdivided into eight lots, half of which are already sold to a single buyer.

The following are examples of eco-houses I designed, with approximate construction costs here in our part of Costa Rica, for your inspiration. These prices don’t include the cost of the lot itself. Not all these houses will work on every lot since each lot is so unique, it calls for a unique house to best create privacy and beautiful views.

–Geoff McCabe

Eco-Mansion 3BR 3BA 2060ft2 inside, 1080ft2 outside $325,000
Eco-House 1 2BR 2BA 1510ft2 inside, 810ft2 outside $225,000
Eco-Bungalow 2BR 2BA 840ft2 inside, 1120ft2 outside $140,000
Eco-Cabin 1BR 1BA 840ft2 inside, 1040ft2 outside $130,000
Eco-Cabina 1BR 1BA 620ft2 inside, 840ft2 outside $120,000

Eco-Mansion – $325,000 Costa Rica Solar Development - Green Real Estate

Eco-House 1 – $225,000 Costa Rica Solar Development - Green Real Estate

Eco-Bungalow – $140,000 Solar House Design

Eco-Cabin – $130,000 Costa Rica Solar Development - Green Real Estate

Eco-Cabina – $120,000 Solar Powered Cabina in Costa Rica