Green Building

Eco House Photo Inspiration

Here are some photos of houses like those we’d love to build here in Costa Rica at Solar Vistas. They are green colored, and blend well into the background, giving each neighbor more of a feeling of privacy and space. Some also use natural plants on their walls or roofs to absorb heat.

Building Living Sanctuaries for Nature and People

By Dan Balogh If you’re thinking about developing a property in Costa Rica, and you’re reading this, then you’re already taking a good first step in seeking information about green building in the tropics. In developed countries such as the U.S., Canada, and Europe, the market is rapidly moving towards more ecological and sustainable building techniques, which result in a superior product. Nestled a few hundred feet above sea level in the southern Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, is the area’s first real eco-village. Solar Vistas is reforesting a 13 acre expanse of land with several high grassy knolls, withRead the Rest…